Bad Credit Auto Loan Approval!


Hi everyone, my name is Kris White, and I am the General Sales Manager here at Portsmouth Used Car Superstore. I wanted to take a few minutes and talk to you about bad credit auto loans. And before I get started, I can already hear a few of you thinking: "There is no way this store can get me into a car or approve me for a vehicle loan." 

I am here to tell you that you are wrong, as my team has gotten over thousands of people into car loans. The fact remains that bad things happen to good people and they shouldn't let one situation, or even a few situations, hold them back from being able to secure safe and comfortable transportation. That is where the Portsmouth Used Car Superstore comes in. It doesn't matter if you have had a foreclosure, bankruptcy, a voluntary repossession, or credit card slow payments; my team can get you into a car loan. We have over 30 different lenders that we are partnered with and 7 different stores in our group all sending out credit apps out daily. 

The Portsmouth Used Car Superstore can get you into a car loan TODAY! Simply complete the online form provided below, or call us at 855-971-6141 to speak with someone that can help you through this process. If you reach out and ask for help, we won't stop working to make you happy and ensure that you find a car or truck that can best serve you and your family. 

Bad Credit Auto Loan Approval!


Here are a few of the banks we use to attain your financing;


If this wasn't enough, we are also aligned with C.U.D.L. or Credit Union Direct Lending.  Being affiliated with C.U.D.L. allows us to be able to secure financing with most of New Hampshire's credit unions as well.  This is a huge advantage of coming to the Portsmouth Used Car Superstore for you automotive needs.  With 16 credit unions at our disposal, it opens the door even more for the consumer.  Especially if you are a member of these credit unions.  Many of these credit unions give special rates (lower rates) to their current members.  First time buyers typically get great rates as long as they meet certain criteria.  


Some of our more popular C.U.D.L. lenders are as follows;

There are a lot of commonly asked questions about bad credit auto loans, here are a few;

Q - Is it required that I put money down to get a bad credit auto loan?

     A - NO!!!  Certain circumstances might make the bank require money down.  However, this is not always the case.  Putting money down towards a bad credit auto loan will almost always help the conditions, but is not always mandatory.  We can usually get around the customer having to put money down.  How do we do this?  Our relationships with the banks that provide the bad credit auto loans is very strong.  Another motivating factor for them is trade ins.  No matter how "rough" a trade in is, we can still take it off your hands and turn it into money for you and help secure your financing for a newer vehicle.  It can and will help the terms and conditions of the financing.  Money down can lower your interest rate (sometimes significantly), get a better (or longer) term, open up the ability to look at newer or nicer cars (dream car), and help you get the financing period.  

     Q - Is there a minimum income requirement to attain a bad credit auto loan?

     A - Yes and no.  Most lending institutions prefer that the borrower make a minimum of $1800 a month.  However, there are banks that do not have a minimum income.  Some banks require a minimum of $1300 a month provable income.  The key here is provable.  Not all lenders require you to prove your income.  In order to get you the best possible financing for your situation, proving your income can be important.  If you are a W2 employee this process is very easy.  All they are looking for is a copy of your most recent pay stub (within 30 days of application date).  That's it!!!!  If you are 1099 or self employed, they would be asking for a copy of your bank statements or tax returns.  The ability to prove your income can save you a significant amount of money in the form of a lower interest rate.

     Q - What should I bring into Portsmouth Used Car Superstore when coming in to apply for a bad credit auto loan?

     A - Being prepared is very important.  Several documents that you can bring with you to the store can actually save you money.  When you can prove your income (pay stub), employment (phone number to HR or business), residence (utility, light, water, cable, oil bill etc.) and phone (cell phone bill) this lets the lending institution feel more comfortable with giving you financing.  Are all of these required for every person.....NO they are not, but can save you money in the form of a cheaper interest rate and save you time in the dealership.  We can get you approved before you ever walk through the door.  We do this everyday.  When you come in with the four aforementioned documents/phone numbers, it makes everyone's life easier and faster.  

     Q - Can you get me pre-approved before I come in?

     A - YES!!!!!!  Simply fill out our online credit application now bad credit auto loan financing application.  In the comments section please put Facebook and we will give you a call and go over all of your options with you.  We look forward to helping you get back on the path to good credit!!!  


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