Portsmouth Used Car Superstore can provide comprehensive service for your fleet of vehicles. We understand the demands that servicing a fleet take and have designed a Fleet Service Program for businesses, public entities, and organizations. Our program offers:

  • Priority Service
  • Preferred Pricing
  • Personalized Maintenance

Priority Service
Portsmouth Used Car Superstore knows that a fully functional fleet is crucial for operating your business. We expedite repairs for Preferred Fleet Customers, ensuring the fastest possible turn around time on your vehicles' service. We are open on Saturdays too. We have several body shops that will allow us to cut your typical service time. At any of our locations we can rush deliver parts, fix frame or dent damage, or install accessories for your vehicle.
Preferred Pricing

 Preferred Fleet Customers get a further 10% off the price of all parts and 10% off our standard labor rate. That is 10% off the price of all our work; including our lifetime warranty parts and work performed by our Master Technicians. Ask how Portsmouth Used Car Superstore can give you unlimited warranty on major components such as Engine, Transmission, and other Drive Train parts.

Personalized Maintenance

We can tailor our service program to your individual needs. We can also provide you with detailing after every service visit. When a public entity told us of their logistics problem in getting vehicles to our service center, we implemented a personalized pick up and delivery system.

Contact Logan Russell at 855-971-6157 or email us at lrussell@keyauto.com  and let us show you what Portsmouth Used Car Superstore can do for your business needs.